Our criteria:
Groups we invest in must be

  • Operational: up and running and in the field
  • Outstanding: early accomplishments, ability to inspire and organize new constituencies
  • Viable: committed leadership, demonstrated ability to handle money, realistic plans to scale
  • Focus: doing work crucial to winning contested congressional races in 2018.
  • Transparent: share their performance with us on a periodic basis—vetted by third parties we know and trust.

How investments are selected

Our advisors track hundreds of resistance groups around the country. We give them our criteria, they come back with recommendations, which are reviewed by our team, our advisors, and our board of directors. Fund investments are reviewed every three months. We may substitute higher priority groups. 

The Mill Valley Community Action Network is a one-stop resistance platform serving the communities of southern Marin County in California. We run one of the largest phone and text banking operations in California. Airlift is a project of our Economic Action team, supported by the Movement Voter Project and the Advocacy Fund of the Tides Foundation.

Who we are

Matt Singer
Managing Director of the Movement Voter Project. When he headed up the Alliance for Youth Action (previously the Bus Federation) and its affiliates, Matt supported local organizing that passed the nation’s first automatic voter registration law, a powerful reform that has been copied in 9 other states. Matt specializes in identifying, tracking and supporting under-resourced, emerging resistance groups that are doing heroic work.

Special Advisor

Board of Advisors

Becky Bond
Key strategic advisor to Bernie Sanders and former head of a Credo SuperPAC that knocked out 5 tea party congressmen

Natalie Foster
Fellow and Advisor to the Future of Work Initiative at the Aspen Institute, Fellow at the Institute for the Future

Ludovic Blain
Director, Color of Democracy Fund and the Progressive Era Project