Our criteria: groups we invest in must

  • Have leaders with outstanding track records

  • Be vetted by people and groups we know and trust

  • Have a demonstrated ability to plan and execute programs

  • Be willing to share metrics and performance

  • Do work crucial to winning the Presidency, Senate and House in 2020

How our investments are selected

The selection and vetting process is ongoing and multi-layered. Airlift has a network of advisors with deep movement experience who recommend groups based on our strategies. We work in tandem with the Movement Voter Project, Women Donors Network, America Votes, Tides Advocacy and Way to Win. These groups move tens of millions of dollars using strategies almost identical to our own. We attend their briefings, read their advisories and attend conferences where we compare notes on where the needs are greatest and which groups are doing the strongest work.


Airlift’s Advisors

  • Matt Singer, the leading strategist behind automatic voter registration, now in 15 states

  • Billy Wimsatt, Founder and Executive Director, Movement Voter Project

  • Natalie Foster, Fellow at the Institute for the Future and Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute

  • Larry Litvak, former CFO at Working Assets and Lecturer in Public Policy at Stanford

  • Becky Bond, strategy advisor to Beto O’Rourke and co-founder of realjusticepac.org

  • Ludovic Blain, Director, Color of Democracy Fund and the Progressive Era Project

  • Jason Franklin, Kellogg Professor at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy

About Airlift

Airlift is an all-volunteer, zero-overhead arm of the Mill Valley Community Action Network, a California-based 501(c)(4) corporation. We are an advisory service only. We do not touch any money. When you contribute, your funds go directly to the groups we support via ActBlue, which charges about 4% for credit card fees and to sustain their organization. Contributions by check go to Tides Advocacy, which distributes the funds directly to the groups and charges about 4% to support their back office operation. Airlift contributions are not tax-deductible.