Feed the Grassroots


Bottom up is a winning strategy

Are you fed up with desperate email appeals that read like hostage notes and funnel your money to consultants and TV? These top down campaign funds never touch the people we need to activate and get to the polls. We have a better idea: bottom up. Airlift is guided by movement veterans who help us find the best local groups in battleground states that know how to turn non-voters into voters.

Fund local feet on the street

 The 2018 midterms were an enormous victory for local grassroots groups working neighbor-to-neighbor. This year-round field organizing work has proven to be the most effective way to engage and turn out new voters. But funding dries up in non-election years, forcing layoffs of talented staff and trained organizers. These groups are like little birds. They don’t eat a lot. But they need to be fed all the time.

Bring new voters into the system

Airlift lets you invest in groups that help young, black and brown people fight for issues they really care about--like immigrant and worker rights, justice reform, healthcare and education. When they’re engaged, they vote. Each Airlift fund invests in 5-6 proven local groups that are working now to win in 2020. And 10 of our groups are tipping the scales in the top 5 presidential states we need to win to beat Trump: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona.

Donate evenly to all Airlift groups

Airlift is an all-volunteer, zero-overhead Wirecutter for political giving. Giving through Airlift means you can be thoughtful and strategic by pressing just one button.

There are 3 Airlift funds

Each fund has a strategy. Every investment is carefully vetted. And we report back to you every quarter on what your money is doing.

  1. West by Southwest Fund

California, Arizona, and Nevada had enough winnable races in 2018 to get Democrats one-third of the way toward control of Congress. Done! You’re investing in six powerful groups: one statewide, one each in Orange County and the Central Valley, plus one front line group in Nevada and two in Arizona.

2. Lift the Midwest Fund

In 2018 Airlift helped 5 heroic midwestern groups make urgent repairs to the old blue wall that crumbled in 2016. Well, the Midwest came back! In Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Republicans lost every statewide office. Where some despaired, we saw opportunity. And we see even more in 2019 and 2020. 

3. Voter Motor Fund

This portfolio funds Southern voting rights groups that made serious inroads in 2018 in the face of massive voter suppression.  Florida restored the right to vote for 1.4 million ex-felons. Youth early voting in Texas was up 500%. Hispanic voting was up 173% in the region. Even where we lost, there were very significant down ballot victories. 

Checks work, too

Make out your check to “Airlift”
Mail to: Airlift c/o Tides Advocacy
The Presidio, PO Box 29229, San Francisco, CA 94129

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