Aim your money at the heart of the fight for criminal justice reform.




Pamela Price

Months before clearing a Fremont cop in the fatal shooting of a pregnant Latina, Nancy O’Malley, Alameda county DA, accepted a $10,000 donation from the Fremont police union. Pamela Price, an award-winning, 30 year veteran civil rights attorney, thinks she can do a better job.


Noah Phillips

48 hours after Stephon Clark was murdered, the Sacramento County DA Ann Marie Schubert accepted a $10,000 donation from the police union. Noah Phillips, an Assistant DA in Schubert’s office, is running against his boss on a strong criminal justice reform platform.


Milo Fitch

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones says California is overrun by dangerous criminal immigrants police should hand over to ICE. His opponent? Milo Fitch, a 33 year veteran of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Dept, stands for police accountability, protecting undocumented immigrants, and money bail reform.



Airlift is working with a national team that recruits genuine reform candidates, backs them with grassroots field organizing and digital media, and connects them to donors who want to make a powerful difference in key local races.

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