Airlift Special Project: Lift the Midwest!


Lift the Midwest!

Milwaukee-based BLOC has canvassers out knocking on doors in neighborhoods that political pros gave up on long ago ... and it's working! >>>

Help five heroic midwestern groups make urgent repairs to the old blue wall that crumbled in 2016

Airlift Special Projects send money to high-powered, under-resourced groups on the front lines based on up-to-the-minute guidance from our advisors. For example, we sent thousands of dollars almost overnight to the Black grassroots groups in Alabama that won the election for Doug Jones.

This time, we’re helping five heroic midwestern groups making urgent repairs to the old blue wall that crumbled in 2016. They’re getting out the vote by fighting for criminal justice reform in Ohio, organizing people to take down Scott Walker in Wisconsin, cleaning up politics in Missouri, keeping Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana) in the Senate and passing redistricting in Michigan. They are doing whatever it takes to get people involved and to the polls.

This is an incredibly strategic way to help bring these states back into the fold. The Movement Voter Project is kicking in $50,000 to start the ball rolling. Now it’s up to us!

These smart, scrappy groups need your help now:

OH: Ohio Student Action

WI: BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing Communities)

MO: Action St. Louis

MI: MI-Liberation

IN: ACT Indiana

Airlift Special Project:
Aim your money at the heart of the fight for criminal justice reform.




Pamela Price

Months before clearing a Fremont cop in the fatal shooting of a pregnant Latina, Nancy O’Malley, Alameda county DA, accepted a $10,000 donation from the Fremont police union. Pamela Price, an award-winning, 30 year veteran civil rights attorney, thinks she can do a better job.


Noah Phillips

48 hours after Stephon Clark was murdered, the Sacramento County DA Ann Marie Schubert accepted a $10,000 donation from the police union. Noah Phillips, an Assistant DA in Schubert’s office, is running against his boss on a strong criminal justice reform platform.


Milo Fitch

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones says California is overrun by dangerous criminal immigrants police should hand over to ICE. His opponent? Milo Fitch, a 33 year veteran of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Dept, stands for police accountability, protecting undocumented immigrants, and money bail reform.



Airlift is working with a national team that recruits genuine reform candidates, backs them with grassroots field organizing and digital media, and connects them to donors who want to make a powerful difference in key local races.

Your donation will be split evenly among the 3 candidates.