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There is a huge problem with political giving.

We are all fed up with desperate email appeals that read like hostage notes and funnel our money to all the wrong places: consultants, focus groups, TV campaigns. The vast majority of these top down campaign funds never touch the voters we need to reach.


Shift your giving into long-term, transformative work.

The real hard work in 2018 battleground districts and states is being done by unsung grassroots organizations that typically work on shoestring budgets. Now you have a way to invest in groups that are working all year long to organize and transform the constituencies we need to mobilize if we’re serious about winning.


Airlift is a strategic way to donate.

Airlift lets you fund organizations without consultant overheads—groups you can feel comfortable investing in and sharing. We screen and identify groups with outstanding early accomplishments and inspired leaders. Each Airlift fund has 4 – 5 investments. You will receive a report every 3 months that spells out how each one of your investments is doing.


Donate to all three funds

Hit this button and your money goes evenly to all Airlift investments.


There are 3 Airlift funds.

Each one has a strategy.
Every investment is carefully vetted.
All of them are aimed at winning in 2018.



West by Southwest

California, Arizona, and Nevada together have enough winnable races in 2018 to get Democrats one-third of the way toward control of Congress. You’re investing in 5 powerful groups: one each in Orange County, San Diego, and the Central Valley, plus the strongest front line groups in Nevada and Arizona.


Network Effect

These 4 powerful national networks combine bigger-than-anti-Trump narratives with local face-to-face voter engagement. They all have proven track records for mobilizing progressive, historically-marginalized voters, and have already played a key role this year in progressive victories in Philadelphia, Chicago and Jackson, MS.


Voter Motor

The Voter Motor portfolio funds 5 local voting rights groups in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Texas. These amazing organizations are fighting off voter suppression and right-wing attacks. They are pushing hard to restore the vote in Florida. And the founder of our group in Georgia is running a strong campaign for Governor.


Checks work too.

Mail to Airlift
c/o the Advocacy Fund
the Presidio, PO Box 29229, San Francisco, CA 94129

Please download, fill out and include this form with your check.


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