Movement for Black Lives Launches Electoral Justice Project and Black November

We’re excited about two new initiatives from Movement for Black Lives. In October, M4BL launched the Electoral Justice Project with 50 black organizations to:

·      Grow the capacity of grassroots organizations to enact political change

·      Expand and mobilize the black electorate

·      Help bring a more hopeful vision to people’s lives through political and social change

Watch a moving video about the Electoral Justice Project.

In addition, Movement for Black Lives hosted #BlackNovember, during which the group held 76 black-led town halls all around the U.S. to show what electoral justice can look like and to help create “a loving and strategic political home for black people to seek transformational political change”.

Movement for Black Lives, a part of Airlift's Network Effect Fund, is largely led by women of color, and while it arose in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter movement, it addresses issues beyond police violence and criminal justice to include state violence in all of its manifestations, including health care and education justice and voting rights.

Just to give you an idea of how cool this group is, M4BL hosts its website in Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. A long way from Ferguson!

NewsSuz Lipman