Start 2018 by Contributing to Airlift's Winning Strategy

If you contributed to Airlift this year, you sent money to the New Virginia Project, which fought for 12 candidates—11 of whom won in November.

If you followed Airlift recommendations in Alabama, you helped people like Rev. Kenneth Glasgow register 5,000 inmates in Alabama jails and prisons—in an election that was decided by 20,000 votes.

Airlift works with some amazing people who keep tabs on grassroots groups in battleground districts across the country. 

We help you focus your political giving like a zen archer. We give you winning strategies, vetted groups and monthly reports on what your money is doing. And none of it goes to consultants or TV.

So before you kiss 2017 goodbye, go to and end the year on a positive note. Contributions to Airlift are not tax-deductible because we are here to win elections.

NewsSuz Lipman