Why Airlift?

Airlift grew out of the realization that the hard work in battleground districts and states is being done by unsung grassroots organizations on shoestring budgets, while the majority of political fundraising is channeled to the very top of the Democratic party and its fleet of high-priced consultants, focus groups and TV campaigns.

At the same time, it became clear that there was a desire among donors to stop throwing money at the same political sources and get funds where they could truly make a difference.

Airlift matches donors with grassroots groups who are making long-term transformative change­–the kind of change that endures even after the current election cycle is over. The kind of change that people are especially hungry for since the election of Donald Trump.

Airlift gets money directly to three distinct funds which have been carefully vetted for their effectiveness and track records of organizing and mobilizing voters, many of whom have previously been left behind and who are precisely the constituents Democrats need to capture in order to start winning again. The Airlift team maintains relationships with the groups we’re funding, and reports back to donors about the groups they support.

Airlift is poised to change the way money gets to the front lines, so that important progressive work can be done. We look forward to involving you and sharing our successes along the way.

NewsSuz Lipman