PLAN Action Nevada: From Protest to Power


PLAN (Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada) operates from the premise that Nevada communities are in a fight for their lives. After electing Nevada’s first Latina senator in 2016, they drew standing-room-only crowds to events designed to frame Nevada’s 2017 legislative session on their terms. They decided that the most effective way to resist was going on the offensive with a bold progressive agenda. 

During the session, PLAN held 10 phone banks, 5 Letters-to-the-Editor workshops, and monthly rallies and protests. PLAN organized 7 different lobby days to bring students,  immigrants, workers, and other Nevadans into the process. They were successful in passing every one of their priority measures out of both houses.

Even with a Republican governor who vetoed many of these reforms, PLAN succeeded in their efforts to:

  • EXTEND voter pre-registration to cover all 17-year-olds
  • ENSHRINE Affordable Care Act standards into state law including birth control and free cancer screenings
  • STOP a voucher program that would have given away tens of millions in taxes to private and religious schools, and
  • RESTORE voting rights to thousands of Nevadans with past convictions who previously were permanently disenfranchised.

Even though automatic voter registration was vetoed, it will be on the ballot in 2018. 

PLAN Nevada is in Airlift's West by Southwest Fund, and we are proud to support them! 

NewsSuz Lipman