Airlift Funding Model Goes To Hollywood: Alyssa Milano Embraces The Airlift Approach


Post by Jennifer Tomkins

Alyssa Milano. Until yesterday, if you’d said that name, I wouldn’t have known who she was (I know, you’re probably wondering which rock I have been living under; I sometimes wonder myself). I hadn’t heard of “Wet Hot American Summer” or watched “Who’s the Boss” or — even more incredibly given that I’m a bit of a political junkie  — known about her presence at the Kavanagh hearings and her support of Christine Blasey Ford.  

It took an article in the Hollywood Reporter describing how Milano has embraced Airlift’s approach to funding elections to put her on my personal radar.  

According to the article, Milano has launched a grassroots fundraising initiative called the #2020Fund aimed at supporting grassroots groups that encourage voting in swing states. Her initiative will, like Airlift’s Raise the Midwest fund, raise money for organizations in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which Donald Trump won by just 77,000 votes in the 2016 presidential election.

Milano’s own fund will focus on the following groups (many of which have been or are still in an Airlift fund): in Michigan: Detroit Action, Michigan Liberation and Mothering Justice Action Fund. In Pennsylvania she is fundraising for 215 People’s Alliance, Pennsylvania Stands Up and Pennsylvania Student Power Network. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin-based organizations are Black Leaders Organizing Communities, Leaders Igniting Transformation Action Fund and Voces de la Frontera Action, Inc.

We at Airlift are THRILLED that Milano will be bringing her star-power — hitherto known only to the rest of the planet but not to me! — and her passion to the cause we share. We also share mentors; Milano is partnering with Movement Voter Project which is also an adviser to Airlift.

Rachel Klein