From Orange to Blue!


Orange County, CA, is home to four key congressional races–more than any other state! With our help, the five OC groups we support will train 350 new organizers, register 34,000 new voters, and manage 1,000 volunteers! With large Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish-speaking populations, this job has to be done from the inside, by groups people know and trust.

Airlift's Orange County Civic Engagement Table, a part of Airlift's West by Southwest Fund, is a coalition of Latino, Asian-American, faith-based, and low-income organizations. in one recent week, they registered over 1,000 new voters while leading direct actions in multiple cities to defend DACA. Their increased capacity will be used to communicate with hundreds of thousands of voters, including a number of new voters registered through California’s automatic voter registration laws. This information will be “in-language” for their Vietnamese and Korean communities and will include voter education and mobilization materials. The in-language capacity developed by these groups is very unusual in the electoral space. 

Hillary won Orange County in 2016. Now we need to make it happen from the bottom up.



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